It Comes Naturally


It Comes Naturally


Start eating for wellness, not just weight loss...

  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Meal planning for diverse diets
  • Supplementation
  • Cleanses
  • Education
  • Pantry makeovers & shopping assistance

Skin issues? Digestive distress? Chronically tired? Stubborn excess weight? Interested in natural, organic and holistic health?

Begin with our food intolerance test so you can fuel your body with a smarter, cleaner, more nutrient dense diet and feel relief of your symptoms! 


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Two years ago, I took the food intolerance test and discovered I had sensitivities to gluten and dairy. Once I began eliminating them from my diet, I no longer struggled with headaches, bloating and feeling sluggish. My mental clarity has increased significantly, I am more focused at work and my overall health is at its best. Although the change hasn’t been easy, it is the best decision I have ever made.
— Olivia P.
I used to think I knew what I was doing when it came to healthy eating and lifestyle habits... I now laugh thinking back on what I did before Alexa’s help. Her passion for healing and health has changed my life forever. Thank you for everything you have done for me! If anyone is looking for holistic nutritional help, food intolerance testing, supplements and overall brain and body wellness... Alexa is who you want to see!
— Blair V.
I had severe pain, nausea and tiredness after eating, but countless doctors, pills and tests couldn’t tell me why. Since taking the food intolerance test and changing my diet, I have returned to a healthy body weight, reduced my anxiety regarding eating, my pain/nausea is gone and as a bonus... my acne is gone too!

The detail of this test not only tells you what you are allergic to but how high the reaction is in your body. My life has changed for the better since working with Alexa and I can honestly say it saved me.
— Brian F.


About Me


There was a time when it was normal for me to feel mentally foggy, physically drained, and never truly rested. I struggled with digestive and skin issues that no one seemed to be able to resolve. I was an athlete struggling through workouts and not progressing in my fitness despite how much work I put in. My sleep was inconsistent and at times nonexistent. Even on a typical "healthy" diet, I definitely didn't feel healthy or at my best.   

My life was changed after I began healing myself from the inside. I learned that so much of what we are told about basic nutrition is not truly nutritious for our bodies. With these changes came immense clarity, as if I had been living under a fog that was finally lifting. 

I am so thrilled to help others find the same knowledge and clarity that has truly made my life whole.

Life is so much better when... It Comes Naturally! 

- Alexa Schmidt, MS, BCN

Nutritionist & Neurotherapist